Meet Erik VanHansen… A Holistic Health Integrator for more than 39 years, Erik learned the importance of health and agility at the young age of 5. Erik VanHansen started out as a competitive swimmer and excelled to become an ultra-runner and a professional triathlete who won numerous awards and ranked in the national top 10 on the US Triathlon Series. Erik was taught very early on how to takeContinue readingAbout

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21-Point Health Systems Checkup

21-Point Health Systems Checkup

21-Point Health Systems Checkup From Erik VanHansen, Health Integrator & Body Mechanic   Is your body primed for energy, vitality and longevity? Are you living a life that supports health… or are you missing the fundamentals of wellbeing? Use this 21-Point Health Systems Checkup to find out… Discover if your body – you might call it your Engine of Health – is “humming right along” supporting you in allContinue reading21-Point Health Systems Checkup

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