21-Point Health Systems Checkup

21-Point Health Systems Checkup

From Erik VanHansen, Health Integrator & Body Mechanic


Is your body primed for energy, vitality and longevity? Are you living a life that supports health… or are you missing the fundamentals of wellbeing?

Use this 21-Point Health Systems Checkup to find out…

21-Point Health Systems Checkup - CoupleDiscover if your body – you might call it your Engine of Health – is “humming right along” supporting you in all your dreams… or if it has become the limiting factor, keeping you from your joys because it’s  “sputtering,” in desperate need of a tune-up.

I’m excited to share this unique and eye-opening Health Systems Checkup with you. I can promise that you’ve never had a check-up quite like this one. This evaluation integrates the three key factors in your overall wellbeing. Not only will you find out how your body – your engine – is doing, you’ll also have a roadmap to living well.

When my clients optimize – not perfect –these fundamental indicators of health, they no longer have to worry about pain, injury or disease holding them back! They start enjoying life more fully!

Let’s get started!


About the Checkup…

Before you get started, let me tell you a little bit more about this 21-Point Health Systems Checkup and why some of the questions might surprise you.  As you begin answering the questions, some will seem totally normal while others may have you wondering, “Why would this have anything to do with my overall Health & Well-Being?”  As you go along, you might think, “Why would I need to be able to do that?” You might even think some of the questions are ridiculous because all you really want to do is get out of your pain, get over your injury, heal your dis-ease or simply get fitter so you can get back to enjoying more of your life.

My 39 years of helping people get back to living fully – without pain, without settling, with energy, with vitality, with longevity – have shown me the combination of well-being fundamentals and those elements are fully reflected here in this checkup.  So, yes, each of these 21 points has a direct relationship to the way in which a living organism (you) optimally functions.

21-Point Health Systems Checkup - Couple - BeachWhen you invest this small window of time taking this Checkup, the experience will pay back great dividends in health awareness that leads to results well beyond what you have probably imagined.  This evaluation will show how your life choices and body fail to support you in living your highest & best life.  That means you can make changes now before your body is stalled on the side of life.

Answering the questions is simple. For each of the 21 points on the Checkup, simply read the statement and then quickly get a sense of whether you Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree, are Neutral, Somewhat Disagree, or Completely Disagree. Overthinking will skew the results, so trust your first thought.

When you total your score at the end, you’ll know exactly where you fall on your body’s Engine of Health Scale.  Which category will you fall into?

Engine of Health Scale





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What’s Next

If you find you and your body to be anything other than “humming right along”, I’d love to support you in your journey back to health. Contact me…

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