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Erik VanHansen

A Holistic Health Integrator for more than 39 years, Erik learned the importance of health and agility at the young age of 5. Erik VanHansen started out as a competitive swimmer and excelled to become an ultra-runner and a professional triathlete who won numerous awards and ranked in the national top 10 on the US Triathlon Series.

Erik was taught very early on how to take care of his body,
and as he learned, he developed a passion for helping
others find optimal health and performance. He is trained as a Holistic Bodywork Therapist & Educator and Personal Trainer. Erik marries his intensive bodywork training and athletic wisdom, with a deep study of nutrition, energy, cellular memory release and mindset reset methods, to serve clients across the US, including over 50 professional athletes – soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, runners, cyclists, and triathletes; 20+ nationally ranked athletes – figure skaters, mountain bikers, gymnasts; as well as thousands of grandmothers, children, executives and everyone in between.

Erik founded Rocky Mountain Human Performance Center and Paradigm Therapies in Colorado. The Boulder Daily Camera recognized Erik for many years as the “Best of Boulder” for his therapeutic techniques. You might have seen him featured in “Self Magazine,” “Outside Magazine,” “Triathlete,” “Woman’s Sports and Fitness,” “Rocky Mountain Sports,” and “Trail Runner Magazine,” among others.

Through his nearly 4 decades of practice and unique depth of physical understanding, Erik developed the VanHansen Method approach to health, fitness and well-being. Clients achieve outstanding performance, health and recovery while people of all ages experience immediate progress. His work has been recognized through peer-review to provide quicker, more permanent, and better overall recovery and performance improvements when compared to other physical and movement therapies or training programs. Athletes swear by the vast performance increases they experience when incorporating Erik’s unique 3-dimensional training programs. As a matter of fact, many start out skeptical and are blown away by the dramatic improvements.

People of all ages and walks of life experience immediate progress working with Erik and over time achieve outstanding performance, health and recovery. With Erik’s skill, wisdom and intuition, over 10,000 pairs of feet, of average men and women, have been transformed to be biomechanically correct, pain free, and even orthotic free. Numerous surgeries have been avoided or canceled. Backs, necks, shoulders, hips, knees, wrists and more experience relief of pain while clients move better than ever.

With his unique 3-dimensional movement work, Erik designed sport-specific programs for the U.S. National Ski team and for individual dancers, swimmers, cyclists, runners and rock climbers. He continues to serve as a resource for health care providers and other professionals enabling them to develop more complete knowledge of the human body.

Erik has the ability to evaluate beyond the “symptom” which means clients enjoy a high success rate of reclaiming motion, energy, health and vitality. His clientele approach health, recovery and performance by maximizing and improving the efficiency of their body’s overall daily performance, irrespective of sport, work or simple everyday living.

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