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Introductory Special Now Only $397 Call (303) 819-4970

Ready for a breakthrough in your health, well-being and vitality?

You can Email Erik here:   Call or Text Me 303-819-4970  Find out about my Introductory session. http://gevarda.com/breakthrough-session/  Together you and I will get totally clear on what is keeping your from true health and well-being. We’ll identify a personalized holistic health approach specifically designed for you so that you can play, work, and live at the top of your game by bringing your body back into balance and natural form. Finally, together we’ll decide on the best next steps you can take to get back on the road to the life you’ve always wanted!

Introductory special now only $397

Introductory Breakthrough Session Whether you’re suffering from…
  • Weight challenges
  • Sleep issues
  • Autoimmune, glucose and gut issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Joint discomfort and arthritis
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Sports injuries
Your K.E.E.P. Solution – Kind, Easy, Effective and Permanent Changes in your health and well-being starts right now! Request your “Keep Well – Keep Fit Breakthrough” session with me, Erik, Holistic Health Integrator. I’m committed to bringing each and every person I meet with, back to their most vital health and vibrant energy. Which means that you can enjoy all the richness, pleasure and joy of life! During your K.E.E.P. Well K.E.E.P. Fit Breakthrough session, you will… Get clear on what’s really been holding you back from the wellness you so desire
  • Attaining your true body weight
  • Getting out of pain so you can enjoy life again
  • Or it’s gut, glucose, sleep, auto-immune, or inflammatory issues that challenge you.
So you can…
  • Get yourself back on the track, the slopes, the court. Feel great and perform even better.
  • Restore and rebuild your natural well-being and youthfulness.
  • Bring your body back into balance and natural form. Enjoy more energy, more vitality, less pain… and even get your sexy back!
You’ll find out exactly why…
  • You’ve struggled with weight or food.
  • Ended up in pain (or with injuries).
  • What’s taken your body out of balance so that it’s no longer supporting you fully.
Identify your personal path of “Keeping Well and Keeping Fit” so you can [release the pain / struggle / weight / health challenges] recover and restore health and harmony to your body and being… (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)… which means you get YOU back… you get to enjoy all the richness’s of life again. You Get Your Life Back Finally together we’ll decide on the best next step you can take to get you back on the road to recovery / health / well-being / vitality / fun. Here’s How You and I will meet on the phone or via video conference (or in person), spending about 55-75 minutes together… and clients rave about how seen, heard and understood they feel and how much HOPE they gain in their KEEP Well KEEP Fit Breakthrough Session. These sessions are valued at $397 and … Right now, as an introductory special as I relaunch my business, I’m gifting a handful of these powerful sessions and I’d like to offer one to you! In the near future they will be $150 or more K.E.E.P. Well K.E.E.P.Fitness Strategy Session (Savings)!

Yes! I’m ready for a K.E.E.P. Well Strategy

Save $50 on a K.E.E.P. Well Strategy Session with Erik Hansen, Holistic Fitness/Wellness Coaching Save $50 on either a K.E.E.P. Well K.E.E.P. Fit Strategy Session.  During your session, you’ll get a totally clear understanding on what’s really been holding you back in Wellness or Fitness.  You’ll identify your personal path to K.E.E.P. Well or Fitness and the best next step you can take so that you can have a kind, easy, effective, permanent program for Wellness and/or Fitness! Erik VanHansen Here’s to Healthy and Happy Living! Erik VanHansen erik@GeVarda.com (303) 819-4970
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