Client Praise

Client Praise

for Erik VanHansen & Health Integration Services


“When I met Erik, I was obese, suffered with chronic migraine headaches and was on a number of pharmaceutical drugs. With Erik’s counseling and doing his program of eating highly varied whole foods, nutritional supplements, movement and lifestyle changes I was able to lose 55 pounds and 42 inches. Today I weigh 125 pounds, eat consciously, support my nutrition with proven supplements and enjoy an active lifestyle. I am so grateful I met Erik and had the opportunity to do his program. It gave me back a wholehearted life. ~Joanne


“I have known Erik for over 10 years and during that time period he has helped me heal from plantar fasciitis, helped me stay strong during a pregnancy, gave me specific exercises to improve my ability to strive in athletics and has given me the best massages I have ever had. Simply put, Erik Hansen has been my “Body Mechanic” and I attribute much of my health and wellbeing to his caring, supportive, expert advice!“  ~Kristine


“I met Erik Hansen several years ago.  At the time, I was in almost constant pain and restriction from something called “spondy” by doctors and therapists – probably because the full word is too hard for anyone to pronounce.  Essentially, it is a spinal condition that causes severe pinching of nerves which extend out to the waist and hips.  Perhaps the most amazing thing out of all the bodywork Erik has ever done for me was a simple stretching exercise to mitigate that condition.  I’m very active, and I use this simple routine before sports and martial arts.  As a result, I no longer experience the “paralyzing” pain that used to disable me for days.  In the years since, I’ve never found a therapist, sports enthusiast or doctor who’s ever recognized the technique – meaning of course that it’s Erik’s own design.  From my point of view, Erik Hansen is the world’s greatest physical therapist, body-worker and massage therapist.  It that sounds like hyperbole – go to him – then call me.” ~ Mardig


“For the last fourteen years, I’ve lived a compromised lifestyle because of a brain stem injury suffered in an accident that left my left side paralyzed.  All my physical activities had virtually been eliminated.  In just 8 weeks with Erik Hansen, my balance is improved, my left side is reinvigorated – and I’m running again.  I have a whole new lease on life. ~ David


“My problems with my feet originally started in high school track.  About ten years ago, however my feet fell completely apart.  I went to three or four Medical doctors, a couple of Podiatrists, and I just couldn’t get any satisfaction. I tried three or four custom-made orthotics, and I bought a half-dozen or more ready-made orthotics; and I just barely got by. My feet hurt ALL the time. I read about Erik Hansen  and gave it a shot. After only six weeks, I was walking much more comfortably.  After two-three months, I got rid of orthotics entirely.  This, from a time when I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom at night without putting on shoes AND being in agony.  Now I run a few miles a day and walk around the house barefoot.  I feel great.” ~ John, University Professor


“I have always been interested in health and nutrition, but after working with Erik for several months, I learned a tremendous amount more about food, knowledge that I have been able to use in meal planning, shopping and cooking.  He never sacrifices flavor for nutrition… ~Sibyl

Introductory Breakthrough Session

“As an experienced triathlete and marathoner, I thought I had things pretty much wired but at 58 years old my body was changing, and my regime hadn’t. Erik worked with me and with his counseling we integrated a combination of nutrition and a focus on more holistic training both physical and mental. This has made a huge difference.” ~Harvey


“Erik Hansen has the talent and ability to understand and appreciate the workings of the human body and most of all your needs and where “work is needed” to bring relief and healing.  Because of his passion and talent, I have clarity, desire and more knowledge in how to take of my body. It is not a onetime experience, it is the continued journey, always learned, to my wellness destination. Thank you Erik.”  ~William


“Erik is an exceptional bodyworker and healer. He has an understanding how the body works and heals I have not experienced with any other massage therapist I have seen. That’s why I would not call Erik a massage therapist. His skills go way beyond. It took him only one visit to loosen up my tight neck and increase my range of motion where other therapists needed several visits. He combines his exceptional work on the table with a tailored exercise program for your specific problem. I’m a physical therapist myself but I have to say I’m very impressed by his exercise choice and their effectiveness. Overall, if you have a concern or problem with your body, Erik is your man!” ~ Birgit


“Since a laminectomy 17 years ago, my back and body recovered well.  To maintain that recovery I’ve consulted with chiropractors, Rolfers, Aston Patterners, and Pilates instructors.  However just two sessions with Erik Hansen were of far greater benefit than all of the session of those other practitioners.  After demonstrating how the exercises I’d been taught were actually harming my body, Erik taught me amazing exercises that enable me to feel better than ever.  Erik’s understanding of the body is revolutionary.~ Richard

“When I met Erik Hansen, I was in severe pain, taking Vicodin three times a day with not much relief.  I could barely walk and was exhausted walking to and from the car.  Immediately, after seeing Erik I started seeing results. He even recommended blood tests that my holistic doctor had not recommended prior…  Erik’s first line of defense was my digestion. He did organ manipulation, helped me change my diet and put me on supplements to support digestion and absorption.  He did massage which was much more profound than what any of my other three massage therapists or physical therapist had done.  He wasn’t afraid to touch me and get in really deep which was what was needed…  I’m starting to get my life back and it’s only been three weeks. I have seen many healers in my lifetime of 59 years; however, Erik is one of a kind. I am so grateful to Erik for his loving, kind, knowledgeable support and expertise.” ~ Janet


“Whether it’s rehabilitating an injury or improving my fitness to enjoy ski season each fall.  Erik has been able to help maximize my physical potential. Erik is personable and knowledgeable with the ability to design a program to match my needs.” ~ Bob, Professional Photographer


Erik Hansen understands the natural mechanics of the human body at a level that other fitness experts only dream about.  He is, without any doubt, at the top of his profession.  I recommend him highly.”  ~ Barbara, Professor Emerita


After one 30-minute session with Erik I knew surgery would not be necessary…  This year I turned 60 and have done five Grand Canyon trips as a commercial guide (I’d never done more than three prior to this year).” ~ Charlie, Author


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