Erik VanHansens 21 Point Check Up

Erik talks about his 21 point Check up in his Van Hansen method

This is going to seem weird in a number of ways.  Why would a number of these evaluations have anything to do with my overall Health & Well-Being?  Why would I need to be able to do, or do any of these in order to have my Highest and Best Quality of life?  Really!… I just want to get on with life, out of my pain, over my injury, just get stronger and fitter, and be living as I care too.

Yes, each of these has a direct relationship to the way in which a living organism (you) or bodily parts function as a whole.  We would like to believe, deny, the deeper connection which all our parts are interconnected, and just focus on the one thing that has our attention.  What in the scheme of things will this test show me?

The small window of time that is required in the beginning to take this questionnaire will pay back dividends in awareness leading to results, well beyond what you could have imagined.  The test is beyond the application & mastery of each step, it is about the whole, and they point the way for us to work at integrating your life so that your Physical Body no longer hinders your ability to live your life fully.  

Rest assured, after taking time to fill this out, you will not require more time in your day, nor money to get the results you deserve and desire.  You are already taking the needed time to Breathe, Move, Eat, Sleep, and Connect everyday with you. This evaluation will lead us to the parts that are not supporting you in living your highest & best and the simple steps to bringing you back into wholeness.

…. You can start in any section… Relax and do your best at answering each question.  No one question or answer will lead you astray from where we will begin your quest and achievement in having GREATER Health & Vitality each day of your life.    

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