Get Started with Living Well

Get Started with Living Well


Be Pain Free. Move with Ease. Have Energy.

Restore Health. Live Well.


cropped-38391582-amorous-young-couple-cooking-in-the-kitchen.jpgWhether you’re suffering from …

  • “Incurable” conditions or chronic pain
  • Joint discomfort and arthritis
  • Painful feet and expensive orthotics
  • Lack of energy
  • Sports injuries
  • Weight challenges
  • Sleep issues
  • Autoimmune, glucose or gut issues

You’ve come to the right place. 

No matter what your previous diagnoses.  No matter how long you’ve suffered.  No matter how many other systems, practitioners, or methods you’ve tried, there’s hope. My past clients tell the stories of how fast longstanding issues shift – permanently.

I am committed to making sure your body never again limits your ability to live your life to the fullest.  It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do… I’ve worked with nearly 50 professional athletes – soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, runners, cyclists, and triathletes; 20+ nationally ranked athletes – figure skaters, mountain bikers, gymnasts; as well as thousands of grandmothers, children, executives and everyone in between.

Whether it’s an injury, chronic pain, dis-ease, lack of energy, all of the above, or anything in between, If you’d like support tuning up your body’s functions, I’m here to help.

“When I met Erik, I was obese, suffered with chronic migraine headaches and was on a number of pharmaceutical drugs. With Erik’s counseling and doing his program of eating highly varied whole foods, nutritional supplements, movement and lifestyle changes I was able to lose 55 pounds and 42 inches. Today I weigh 125 pounds, eat consciously, support my nutrition with proven supplements and enjoy an active lifestyle. I am so grateful I met Erik and had the opportunity to do his program. It gave me back a wholehearted life. ~Joanne

Many people, often guided by a traditional medical approach, attempt to treat just the symptoms – the pain, the glucose levels, the lack of energy, the injury, etc. Unfortunately, that approach never brings lasting relief and it certainly doesn’t bring the body sustained energy, health and vitality.  Too often we focus only on the one thing that has our attention and ignore (or deny) the deeper interconnectedness of our body’s systems and our life.

40701253 - body word cloud, fitness, sport, health conceptHealth is not something you can compartmentalize.  To get healthy and stay healthy over the long term, you must take a holistic and integrative approach that addresses all contributing factors.  This is exactly what I do with my clients.

“…As a result, I no longer experience the “paralyzing” pain that used to disable me for days.  In the years since, I’ve never found a therapist, sports enthusiast or doctor who’s ever recognized the technique – meaning of course that it’s Erik’s own design.  From my point of view, Erik Hansen is the world’s greatest physical therapist, body-worker and massage therapist.  It that sounds like hyperbole – go to him – then call me.” ~ Mardig

The First Step

Your road back to health and well-being starts with an Alignment & Activation Session, with me, Health Integrator and Body Mechanic.

first things first on the roadDuring your session, which can take place over the phone, video conference, or in-person, we’ll focus entirely on you and your personal road of wellbeing.

You’ll discover exactly why you and your body have been out of alignment and out of sync. We’ll identify the roots of your challenges, so we can restore your health and wellbeing permanently, not just giving you temporary relief from the symptoms.

You’ll see how you have ignored the maintenance warning signs and put undo wear and tear on your body and what to do about it.  We’ll go deeper evaluating the specific support your body needs to live life with comfort, ease and joy again.

Together we’ll layout a holistic health roadmap specifically designed for you so that you can play, work, and live at the top of your game by bringing your body back into balance and natural form.  That means that you’ll enjoy more energy, more vitality, less pain … and might even get your sexy back!

At the end of your session, you’ll be crystal clear on the best next steps you can take to restore and rebuild your body and it’s systems – bringing back energy, vitality and pain free movement.

That means you once again get to experience the fullest pleasures and joys on the road of life.

“For the last fourteen years, I’ve lived a compromised lifestyle because of a brain stem injury suffered in an accident that left my left side paralyzed.  All my physical activities had virtually been eliminated.  In just 8 weeks with Erik Hansen, my balance is improved, my left side is reinvigorated – and I’m running again.  I have a whole new lease on life. ~ David

Session Details

We spend about 90 minutes together and clients rave about the power of these sessions and often get instant relief!

These sessions are valued at $299…

Because you’re here, I know your health and wellbeing matter to you, so I’d like to reward you for your commitment.

Call (303-819-4970) or email (erik@gevarda.com) and ask for the 50% WEBSITE Savings on your Activation & Alignment Session.  With your savings, your investment is $147.

Schedule Now

Call me directly to schedule at 303-819-4970.  I’m happy to answer any and all of your questions and get you scheduled so you can get back on the road to health right away! Remember to ask for your WEBSITE Savings!

It is truly an honor to serve you on your journey. It pains me when I know someone’s body limits their ability to fully live life and enjoy all its many adventures and magical moments.  May your body always be your greatest asset and ally.

I look forward to talking to you and creating a massive health transformation for you!

Keep Well.  Keep Fit.



“Erik is an exceptional bodyworker and healer. He has an understanding how the body works and heals I have not experienced with any other massage therapist I have seen. That’s why I would not call Erik a massage therapist. His skills go way beyond. It took him only one visit to loosen up my tight neck and increase my range of motion where other therapists needed several visits. He combines his exceptional work on the table with a tailored exercise program for your specific problem. I’m a physical therapist myself but I have to say I’m very impressed by his exercise choice and their effectiveness. Overall, if you have a concern or problem with your body, Erik is your man! ~ Birgit

“My problems with my feet originally started in high school track.  About ten years ago, however my feet fell completely apart.  I went to three or four Medical doctors, a couple of Podiatrists, and I just couldn’t get any satisfaction. I tried three or four custom-made orthotics, and I bought a half-dozen or more ready-made orthotics; and I just barely got by. My feet hurt ALL the time. I read about Erik Hansen  and gave it a shot. After only six weeks, I was walking much more comfortably.  After two-three months, I got rid of orthotics entirely.  This, from a time when I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom at night without putting on shoes AND being in agony.  Now I run a few miles a day and walk around the house barefoot.  I feel great.” ~ John, University Professor

“I have known Erik for over 10 years and during that time period he has helped me heal from plantar fasciitis, helped me stay strong during a pregnancy, gave me specific exercises to improve my ability to strive in athletics and has given me the best massages I have ever had. Simply put, Erik Hansen has been my “Body Mechanic” and I attribute much of my health and wellbeing to his caring, supportive, expert advice!“  ~Kristine

Erik Hansen understands the natural mechanics of the human body at a level that other fitness experts only dream about.  He is, without any doubt, at the top of his profession.  I recommend him highly.”  ~ Barbara, Professor Emerita

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