Heal Injuries. Regain Movement.

Heal Injuries. Regain Movement.

Get back into the game of living life

Facing joint surgery or replacement?  Sports Injuries?  Foot Pain?  Expensive Orthotics?  Arthritis? Torn Tendons or Ligaments?  Recovering from joint surgeries? Limited mobility?

25746658-blond-woman-with-violent-back-pain-isolated-copyspaceMy clients have avoided numerous surgeries and found relief from injuries and chronic pain they were told, “You’ll have to live with it”.  Clients have started out barely able to move and returned to a full life of activities and even sports.

So many of my clients have tried everything. They’ve had surgery after surgery hoping for relief and none comes.  Too often they feel like they’ve tried everything and are losing hope.  Actually, some come to me quite skeptical because they have “tried everything,” yet they couldn’t be more grateful that they gave it one more try with my work.

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“My problems with my feet originally started in high school track.  About ten years ago, however my feet fell completely apart.  I went to three or four Medical doctors, a couple of Podiatrists, and I just couldn’t get any satisfaction. I tried three or four custom-made orthotics, and I bought a half-dozen or more ready-made orthotics; and I just barely got by. My feet hurt ALL the time. I read about Erik Hansen and gave it a shot. After only six weeks, I was walking much more comfortably.  After two-three months, I got rid of orthotics entirely.  This, from a time when I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom at night without putting on shoes AND being in agony.  Now I run a few miles a day and walk around the house barefoot.  I feel great.” ~ John, University Professor

Through my nearly 40 years of practice and integrative study of the body and life, I developed the VanHansen Method approach to health, fitness and well-being. This is why clients achieve outstanding performance, health and recovery while people of all ages experience immediate progress.

This work has been recognized through peer-review to provide quicker, more permanent, and better overall recovery and performance improvements when compared to other physical and movement therapies or training programs.

Athletes swear by the vast performance increases they experience when incorporating my unique 3-dimensional training programs. As a matter of fact, many start out skeptical and are blown away by the dramatic improvements.

43215224 - side view portrait of a fit exercising man running outside“Whether it’s rehabilitating an injury or improving my fitness to enjoy ski season each fall.  Erik has been able to help maximize my physical potential. Erik is personable and knowledgeable with the ability to design a program to match my needs.” ~ Bob, Professional Photographer

Beyond athleticism, over 10,000 pairs of feet, of average men and women, have been transformed to be biomechanically correct, pain free, and even orthotic free, as a result of this work. Numerous surgeries have been avoided or canceled. Backs, necks, shoulders, hips, knees, wrists and more experience relief of pain while clients move better than ever.

I evaluate beyond the “symptom” which means my clients, and now you, get to enjoy a high success rate of reclaiming motion, energy, health and vitality.

If you’re ready to release pain, regain movement, or heal chronic injuries, then I’d love to meet with you. 


The Next Step

All of my clients start first with an Activation & Alignment Session where we evaluate where you are, where you want to go on your road to health, and layout an exact roadmap to get you there.  And, you might just get some immediate relief!

Get the Details and Schedule Your Activation & Alignment Session


33556056-senior-couple-on-country-bike-ride“Since a laminectomy 17 years ago, my back and body recovered well.  To maintain that recovery I’ve consulted with chiropractors, Rolfers, Aston Patterners, and Pilates instructors.  However just two sessions with Erik Hansen were of far greater benefit than all of the session of those other practitioners.  After demonstrating how the exercises I’d been taught were actually harming my body, Erik taught me amazing exercises that enable me to feel better than ever.  Erik’s understanding of the body is revolutionary.~ Richard


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