Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Erik VanHansen continues his 21 point checkup part 6 on Mental and emotional well being.

  • 16.  How satisfied are you with your career or job?

I hate my job and its not paying my bills -150

I hate my job, but it is covering my living expenses -50

I don’t like my job, but its paying me well -25

I’m not happy with my job, but I’m going to retire well +0

I like my job and I’m able to make ends meet +5

I really like my job and I’m comfortable with my income +25

My job is Great and I make plenty of money +50

Don’t tell anyone, I’d do my job for nothing +100

Not only do I love my work, I’m financially secure +50

Minimum of -150, Maximum of +150

  • 17.  What is your day-to-day average level of pain?

Foot pain -25

Leg pain -25

Hip pain -25

Low back pain -25

Mid back pain -25

Shoulder / Neck pain -25

No pain +0

Minimum of -150, Maximum of 0

  • 18.  What is your day-to-day average level of stress?

Very High -150

HIGH -100

Moderate -50

Low -20

No work or life stress +0

I love my work, my family is GREAT +50

I have no debt or any loans +100

Minimum of -150, Maximum of +150

  • 19.  What is your day-to-day average level of satisfaction with your relationships (romantic, family, friends)?
  • Ask Joanna for this one :-))
  • 20.  Do you allow yourself to fully feel your emotions or is your emotional life more neutral or “gray”?

Ask Joanna for this one :-))

Do you use any substance(s) to enhance or decrease your emotional reactions? -50

Do you cry when watching movies? +25

Do you laugh several times each week? +50

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