Restore Your Health

Restore Your Health

Get well. Live well.

Whether it’s digestive, glucose, sleep, auto-immune, or inflammation issues… or migraines, headaches, or low energy that challenge you – you can restore and rebuild your natural wellbeing and youthfulness.

18206547-young-woman-with-stomach-pain-due-to-menstrual-cycle-photographyAlmost every health challenge we’re aware of in our bodies, started long before we became conscious of the problem.  We notice and experience the symptoms, yet the symptoms are not the cause, they are road signs that point to the root cause.  As a matter of fact, the symptom may appear in one part or system of the body, like brain fog or arthritis, while the cause resides in another part of the body like the gut or the neuro-lymphatic system, for example.


“… When I met Erik Hansen, I was in severe pain, taking Vicodin three times a day with not much relief.  I could barely walk and was exhausted walking to and from the car.  Immediately, after seeing Erik I started seeing results. He even recommended blood tests that my holistic doctor had not recommended prior…  Erik’s first line of defense was my digestion. He did organ manipulation, helped me change my diet and put me on supplements to support digestion and absorption.  He did massage which was much more profound than what any of my other three massage therapists or physical therapist had done.  He wasn’t afraid to touch me and get in really deep which was what was needed…  I’m starting to get my life back and it’s only been three weeks. I have seen many healers in my lifetime of 59 years; however, Erik is one of a kind. I am so grateful to Erik for his loving, kind, knowledgeable support and expertise.” ~ Janet



Many people, often guided by traditional approaches, attempt to treat just the symptoms – the pain, the glucose levels, the lack of energy, the injury, etc. Unfortunately, that segmented approach rarely brings lasting relief and it certainly doesn’t bring the body sustained energy, health and vitality.  Frequently, when treating the symptoms, we trade one set of problems for another as we deal with the “side effects” of treatment.  Too often, traditional health approaches focus only on the one thing that has our attention while ignoring (or denying) the deeper interconnectedness of our body’s systems and our life.

Health is not something you can compartmentalize.  To get healthy and stay healthy over the long term, you must take a holistic and integrative approach that addresses all contributing factors.

If you’re ready to find out how you can truly and permanently restore health and vitality in your body, then I’d love to meet with you. 

“Erik Hansen has the talent and ability to understand and appreciate the workings of the human body and most of all your needs and where “work is needed” to bring relief and healing.  Because of his passion and talent, I have clarity, desire and more knowledge in how to take of my body… Thank you Erik.”  ~William


The Next Step

All of my clients start first with an Activation & Alignment Session where we evaluate where you are, where you want to go on your road to health, and layout an exact roadmap to get you there.  And, you might just get some immediate relief!

Get the Details and Schedule Your Activation & Alignment Session


44722081-excited-couple-reaching-the-top-of-their-hike-and-cheering-against-enjoy-life-moreErik Hansen understands the natural mechanics of the human body at a level that other fitness experts only dream about.  He is, without any doubt, at the top of his profession.  I recommend him highly.”  ~ Barbara, Professor Emerita

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