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Erik VanHansens 21 Point Check Up

This is going to seem weird in a number of ways. Why would a number of these evaluations have anything to do with my overall Health & Well-Being? Why would I need to be able to do, or do any of these in order to have my Highest and Best Quality of life? Really!… I just want to get on with life, out of my pain, over my injury, just get stronger and fitter, and be living as I care too. … Continue readingErik VanHansens 21 Point Check Up

Introductory Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough Session

Introductory Special Now Only $397 Call (303) 819-4970 Ready for a breakthrough in your health, well-being and vitality? You can Email Erik here:   Call or Text Me 303-819-4970  Find out about my Introductory session. http://gevarda.com/breakthrough-session/  Together you and I will get totally clear on what is keeping your from true health and well-being. We’ll identify a personalized holistic health approach specifically designed for you so that you can play,Continue readingBreakthrough Session

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