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Erik VanHansens 21 Point Check Up

This is going to seem weird in a number of ways. Why would a number of these evaluations have anything to do with my overall Health & Well-Being? Why would I need to be able to do, or do any of these in order to have my Highest and Best Quality of life? Really!… I just want to get on with life, out of my pain, over my injury, just get stronger and fitter, and be living as I care too. … Continue readingErik VanHansens 21 Point Check Up

Sleep is the First Check UP

Erik talks about sleep in his 21 Point check Up. On average, how many hours do you sleep each night?
< 4 -150 points More than 4 but less than 5 hrs per night -100 points More than 5 but less than 6 hrs per night (-75 points) More than 6 but less than 7 hrs per night (-50 points) Between 7 and 7.5 hours per night (0 points) Between 7.5 and 8.5 hours per night (100 points) Between 8.5 and 9.5 hours per night (75 points) More than 9.5 but less than 12 (0 points) More than 12 but less than 14 (-100 points) > than 14 hours per night (-150 points) … Continue readingSleep is the First Check UP

Introductory Breakthrough Session

Introductory Breakthrough Session

Introductory Special Now Only $397 Call (303) 819-4970 Ready for a breakthrough in your health, well-being and vitality? Together you and I will get totally clear on what is keeping your from true health and well-being. We’ll identify a personalized holistic health approach specifically designed for you so that you can play, work, and live at the top of your game by bringing your body back into balance andContinue readingIntroductory Breakthrough Session

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