What is GeVarda

GeVarda – A Swedish word meaning “to give nurturing”.  

Starting my training when I was about 10 years old, I integrate 40+ years of training and experience to bring the necessary nurturing needed to bring my clients back into the fullness of heath so they can live at their highest potential.

I look forward to supporting, coaching, nurturing and guiding you on the K.E.E.P Well – K.E.E.P. Fit path (where K.E.E.P. stands for Kind. Easy, Effective. and Permanent.)  That’s how I work with each and every client, no matter the challenges they face.

If it’s your calling to return to vibrant health and well-being then I look forward to talking to you soon!



Are you in pain? Overweight? Can’t sleep? Erik VanHansen (Hansen) Introductory Breakthrough Session $397. call 303 819 4970 or write Erik@Gevarda.com
Together you and I will get totally clear on what is keeping your from true health and well being. We’ll identify a personalized holistic health approach

You can Email Erik here:  
Call or Text Me 303-819-4970 

Find out about my Introductory session.  

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